Archangel’s Legion

The sixth installment in the Guild Hunter series, Archangel’s Legion is an excellent blend of Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance.  Writing about this book for me is more like “book appreciation” than anything else, for how can you review a book that you already loved?   My fifth reread at the least convinced me that … More Archangel’s Legion

Etched in Bone

The end of a much loved series can be a little bit bitter sweet at times.  But an end to something special always is.  You want the story to be whole but at the same time you don’t want to say goodbye to the world you have discovered and explored and the characters that have … More Etched in Bone

Someone Like You

I once read someone described this song as simple and yet effective.  I say, this is quite simply… beautiful.  My only complaint is that for something so exquisite to the ear, it ends far too swiftly. Here’s a live version of the song, Paolo Nutini’s BBC Live Lounge performance. And I made this photo edit … More Someone Like You

Iron Sky

It’s been so busy these past months that I have quite neglected this blog.  My apologies to all of you who have deemed it worthy to follow my ramblings on this site.  One reason is that I haven’t read any book that warrants a post.  So I’m going to draw inspiration from my other love … More Iron Sky

A Monster Calls

When I started to read A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness, I did not expect it to read like a normal story.  Eventhough it has a giant, talking Yew tree monster in it, it didn’t feel like a fantasy to me. Everytime 12:07 struck, it felt like thirteen-year-old Connor O’Malley was just having a dream, … More A Monster Calls

Sunshine Blogger Award

  It is my great pleasure to receive a Sunshine Blogger Award nomination from Olga at Middle-earth Reflections.  Please check out her writing as it is written with much passion and insight.  Thank you Olga!  The nomination is very much appreciated.  You’d be in my list if you haven’t already been nominated. I would also … More Sunshine Blogger Award

The Most Frightening Character Or Creature In A Book

A good part of what makes a great story is how memorable the characters or in some cases the creatures are.  An engaging tale needs not only a brilliant protagonist but also an equally magnificent nemesis.  Most of my favorite books and series have this in common. Now I’ve looked up the definition of the word … More The Most Frightening Character Or Creature In A Book