This is all about me being gloriously addicted to the wRittEn WoRd. But though I will mostly feature books that I have read and loved and things related to them, I will also post about:

  • My MuSings on life in general and things and moments in particular.
  • Kdramas. I just recently got sucked into this world because of Lee Joon Gi.
  • My favored MuSic. Songs that appeal to me, touch deep and reach down to the soul. I am specially addicted to the following artists:

Paolo “soulful artist” Nutini

Jason “the geek-in-the-pink” Mraz

Sara “word goddess” Bareilles



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  1. Thank you for liking my article on Grace Vanderwaal, what an incredible 12 year old, no? I have not heard of the artists you listed above, I’ll have to check them out when I get a chance. I also suspect you hit on something most folks don’t realize and that is that there is music that can go along with reading fiction and other types of books very well. In some cases even enhancing what one is reading. However, I should point out that it doesn’t work out so well much of the time if one is reading non-fiction.

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  2. Thank you too for taking the time to comment. I love Grace, she’s an incredibly gifted artist. I rarely get goosebumps listening to singers but I get that everytime I listen to her songs. And that is what music should be. Touch hearts, uplift spirits and inspire people. Jason Mraz, one of the singers I listed above, is one of Grace’s favorite artists too. Please do check them out. They are really great singer-songwriters as well as musicians.


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