Watch “The TRUTH about SATAN! He really FEARS you will watch and discover this video!

Unlike the person who posted this video in Youtube, I don’t think the devil remotely fears that people will watch this. Most are blinded with what they perceived as reality to see the Truth. But I can’t really blame them. Until last year I was one of them.

You will watch or you don’t. It’s entirely your choice. And if you do watch the video, belief is another thing. After all, belief in something cannot be imposed on another.

So let us just be kind to one another and be each other’s light in this world.

Yahuah bless us in Yahusha’s name, Amen.

P. S. I have no wish to post a photo depicting the adversary. Besides, this featured image of a graceful swan is beautiful. Have a good day everyone 🙂

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