Cool and Beautiful Pins

I was looking at photos in my Pinterest Boards this morning and I was amazed anew by the sheer creativeness of people.  And so I decided to post some of them here. And why not? These are quite awsome pieces of Art. Enjoy!

Note: Credit goes to the owners. Thank you for the visual feasts.

1. I love black and white photography.  There’s an elegance to it that appeals to me and this image shows incredible grace and freedom. 

Beauty and Grace (I can not trace the owner of this).

2. I love mushrooms! The shape of them, the texture and color,  and of course the taste! Yum…. Although I don’t know if these in the photo are edible. 😊

Mushroom landart by Jill Bliss

3. I’ve always been fascinated and drawn to nature and this beautiful example of Fine Art Photography has one awesome perspective. 

The view from a leaf by Kobi Refaeli

4. This particular piece is just too cute and adorable,  I had to include it. 

Art Más by Jason Kim

5. This, my friend, can only be described as EPIC! I mean, just looking at it makes one feel like they’re going to fall! 

3D Sidewalk Art by Edgar Müller

6. To make an artwork of something we make used of everyday is pretty cool. And these two forks shaped into a heart are like hands holding on to each other in friendship. Sweet! 😍

Spoon Art from
7. A stunning image of life in Vietnam. The vibrant colors gave beauty to the mundane. 

Vietnam – Knitting Fishing Nets (I can not trace the owner of this).

8. Delicate and elegant. An exquisite piece of art with its finely defined muscles and tension, makes it almost easier to imagine the figures in motion. 


9. This photo shows the incredibly beautiful contrast between the colors of the child’s skin and her eyes. 

Child in Nepal from

10. How magnificent is God’s creation?! Just look at these beauties! 

Transparent Purpled-eye Fishes from

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