The Secret Name of Jesus

You may have heard or read or seen a video somewhere concerning the true name of Jesus Christ.  And maybe you have not. Some says this is the true name, some says that.  I tell you, these has caused me no small amount of confusion and I’m sure to all other believers as well.  I have prayed to our Almighty Father for wisdom, to discern truth from the lies and continue to do so.  And amidst all these, I stumbled upon this video in Youtube.  

Now before you ignore this as something inconsequential, please hear me out.  I know some of you have trouble with the infallibility of the Bible as the “Word of God”.  Well this video might enlighten you as to why you feel that why.  With so many videos I have viewed, this is unlike any other.  Don’t take my word for it, see it for yourself.

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