The Most Frightening Character Or Creature In A Book

A good part of what makes a great story is how memorable the characters or in some cases the creatures are.  An engaging tale needs not only a brilliant protagonist but also an equally magnificent nemesis.  Most of my favorite books and series have this in common.

Now I’ve looked up the definition of the word ‘creepy’ and Collins Dictionary define it as having or causing a sensation of repulsion, horror, or fear, as of creatures crawling on the skin.  Creepy is synonymous with terrifying, disturbing, weird, sinister, eerie, menacing to name just a few.  The point of this is that these words are apt description of the characters or creatures that have given me the shivers.

Here are the most frightening, creepiest character or creature I have ever encountered (so far) between the pages of my favorite books.

For those who haven’t read the books, be warned there are spoilers ahead.

Ancient Evil (Sign of Seven Trilogy)

As close as I could find to a demon boy.

An ancient evil force that fed on hate, fear, and violence.  In 1652, in the town of Hawkins Hollow, Maryland it was trapped in a powerful spell that caused the life of the last Guardian tasked to destroy it.  Three hundred years later, three boys who were all born at the same time on the seventh of July, and who were descended from the founding fathers of the town, inadvertently released that malevolent spirit.  Since then every seven years, for seven whole days a madness descended into the town that ended in destruction, bloodshed, and death.  The odd thing was after it passes, the townspeople affected doesn’t remember anything that happens.  The most frightening about the demon was that it often appeared in the guise of a child, a boy with gleaming red eyes.

The Ringwraiths (The Lord of the Rings)

Nazgul:  One of the Nine.

Also known as the Black Riders or Nazgul, they were originally great Kings of Men who were gifted with the nine rings of power by the dark lord Sauron.   The power of the rings have totally consumed them, and thus corrupted and enslaved to the power of the One Ring they became the deadliest, the most terrible of Sauron’s servants.  Having no corporeal form, the Ringwraiths often appeared as men cloaked in black.  Armed with ensorcelled blades and other lethal armaments, they rode on black steeds bred in the black lands.  It was said that the witch-king of Angmar who led the nine into battles, cannot be defeated by any man, any weapon struck against him were at once destroyed.  Their greatest weapon, however, is their fell voices  which brought unreasoning terror to the hearts of mortals and an aura of dread and despair.

The Dementors (Harry Potter Series)


Dementors were the wardens that guarded the wizard prison of Azkaban.  In the Potter books they were depicted as among the worst creatures that inhabited the Earth.  They thrived in the darkest, foulest of places.  They feed off on fear, despair, and unhappiness of people and brought death and insanity to the inhabitants of the wizarding prison. Dark creatures with rattling breaths, Dementors could fly and seemed to exude cold.  Underneath the ripped black-hooded cloth they wore, they appeared to have decaying bodies likened to a decomposing corpse.  They have empty eye sockets covered with scabbed skin and a gaping hole where a mouth should be.  Their most dangerous ability is the Dementor’s Kiss through which the creatures deprived their victims of its soul.  Leaving them with no memory, no sense of self, an empty shell – a fate worse than death.

Zhou Lijuan (Guild Hunter Series)

Zhou Lijuan: The Archangel of Death.

Lijuan is an ancient, the oldest in the Cadre – the governing power which consisted of the ten archangels who ruled the Guild Hunter world.  Her seat of power is in China, where she is worshipped as a goddess.  She has white shimmering hair, eyes of a strange pearlescent gray that existed nowhere on this earth, and glorious dove gray wings, beautiful and elegant.  After she had evolved, her face would sometimes – and lasting only for a split second – changed into a skull, her eye sockets black hollows crawling with maggots that screamed.  Four powers that can make her the most dangerous:  Black rain – a rain of sleek black knives that turned anything it hits into ash, make reborn a.k.a. the living dead, she can go incorporeal, and  she can drain the life force of another living being leaving her victim a mummified husk.   And as if that’s not enough, she has the nasty habit of coming back from the dead.

Sinsar Dubh (Fever Series)

Sinsar Dubh: The deadliest Hallow.

The Sinsar Dubh (she-suh-DOO) is a large book gilded in jewels.  It is the most powerful and deadliest of the Tuatha Dé Danaan‘s Hallows as it contains in its pages all of the Unseelie King’s dark spells.  Written by the Unseelie King a million years ago, he created it as an act of atonement after the death of the mortal concubine he had loved beyond worlds.  But over time the book grew in power and has taken a life of its own.  Cunning and deceptive,  it was able to put a copy of itself inside a growing fetus.  When it was loose in Dublin, it possessed people and made them do large-scale massacres.  Death was the only end to its possession.  It is pure evil.  “Evil that celebrated its existence every chance it got through chaos, demolition, and psychotic rage.” – Faefever Ch 1.

Note:  I do not own the images featured above.  All credit goes to all the rightful owners.


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