I Am

Break the shackles of preconceived ideas. Live life and be you.

I am my own person.

And I will not conform to what the world 

may think a woman should do or be.

This is my life.  

And I shall live it as I see fit,

with my choices and no one else’s.

No person has the right to judge me 


The only one who does is God.

Others may deem me unimportant,

may not accord me due respect.

But to certain individuals, I matter.

To them I am special, I am loved.

This is for the people who are in one way or another,  however small, are being pressured (or bullied) into something they are not or into doing things they don’t want to.

I leave you with these lyrics from Grace VanderWaal’s original song Clay.

Try to change my shape
But baby I’m not clay
Sorry not today
Because baby I’m not clay


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