I Am The Messenger

I think I’ve just read the weirdest story. Oh not in a fantastical way ‘weird’.  But it started out with this…

“The gunman is useless.

I know it.

He knows it.

The whole bank knows it.”

Yup.  The first scene was of a bank robbery.  Nothing so unusual but the rest of what happened from that point on was beyond the ordinary.

In starting it that way, the author assuredly roped me in and I have to go on to know the whole of it.  I’ve read several books before I’ve read this one.  Most I have enjoyed reading but nothing that stood out for me.  Well, I’m happy to say this one did.

Things I love about this book:

Great Writing

“The breeze looks away – almost embarrased at having watched – and I’m left there, standing.  Alone.”

“Crippled fence, struggling to remain standing.  And a gate that’s in agony.”

Markus Zusak described things as if they were breathing and feeling and doing.  These jewels of words littered the book and it’s a joy to read. 

This Quote

“You know, they say that there are countless saints who have nothing to do with church and almost no knowledge of God.  But they say God walks with those people without them ever knowing it.”  His eyes are inside me now, followed by the words.  “You’re one of those people, Ed.  It’s an honor to know you.”

This Reminder

“Big things are often just small things that are noticed.”

Like little gestures, be it kind or otherwise have huge emotional impact. Either inspiring hope and kindness in turn or leaving little scars that people carry through life.

This 😢 moment

“I’ve had to take a man up to the Cathedral and attempt to kill him.  I’ve had hit men eat pies in my kitchen and lay me out.  I’ve been jumped by a group of teenage thugs.

This, however, feels like my darkest hour.



On my mother’s front porch.”

The scenes in the book that led to and from this moment made me cry.  It was unexpected and what a punch it was to the heart.  

These things left lasting impressions and I think what made I Am The Messenger such a great read.  I’m shaking my head at the second to the last chapter though. You’ll know why when you read the book.  Enjoy!


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