Psy Characters: Two thorns among the Roses

I have been for months now thinking of posting pictures of what I thought would make the best representation of some of the Psy characters in the Psy-Changeling world, a series penned by Nalini Singh.  But it’s quite difficult to search for the right photo and then edit it to my satisfaction.

A Quick Overview:

Psy – Beauty that is cold and silent.

The Psy are a race of people that have various psychic powers (telekinesis, telepathy, foresight, etc).  These powers are measured on a Gradient from 0 to 10, 10 being the most powerful and dangerous.  Psy with gradient 10 abilities are called Cardinals and are distinguished by their eyes, described as a black full of white stars which is also how the PsyNet looks like.  All Psy require the “bio-feedback” from other minds connected in the PsyNet, otherwise they will die in seconds.  A telepathic gradient of 1 is therefore considered the minimum for survival.  They are ruled by a council of 7 powerful Psy, with no system of accountability or oversight. The Psy are physically weaker than humans and Changelings and are thus more fragile, and with the Silence Protocol, they have trained the emotions out of their race from childhood.


I may or may not do a follow up on this (it will depend on finding the right images, you see!) but I hope you will enjoy these offerings 🙂


1)   Sascha Duncan – The gifted cardinal who thought she was a defective Psy but was in actuality a powerful Empath.  Her defection from the PsyNet  was the catalyst that started the Psy revolution.  A healer of souls and deep emotional wounds, she’s able to ghost other minds and create the most intricate and strongest mind shields.  She has learned to weaponize her abilities and is able to destroy the minds of any race.


2) Faith NightStar – The  most powerful F-Psy (Foresight) of her generation and was considered for a place in the Psy Council.  Her business forecast has generated millions, if not billions of dollars and every predictions she has ever made has come true. Visions of the murder of her sister was what led to her defection to the Changeling world.

Judd Lauren

3) Judd Lauren – A former Arrow (a highly specialized and Elite Force).  He has a gradient of  9.9 Telekinesis, 9.4 Telepathy and a rare Tk Cell sub designation.   He’s able to teleport and to alter his physical form to appear as a mere shadow and can use his powers to either kill or heal.  But he has a heart, it was just so deeply buried by Silence.


4) Ashaya Aleine – Gradient 9.9 M-Psy (Medical).  She’s a brilliant neuroscientist who can see inside the body to the DNA level and can mentally sequence DNA.  Able to appear as a perfect, cold Psy, she was excellent at playing the political games of the Council.  She fakes her own death to leave the PsyNet.  Now if only the eyes are pale blue-gray, this picture would be perfect.


5) Katya Haas – A Psy rebel and part of the resistance.  Gradient 4.5 Telepath and 4.9 M-Psy.  She’s able to amplify her abilities to be a much powerful telepath.  She was presumed dead in a lab explosion but was kidnapped and tortured, her mind programmed to be a spy and a killer.   Her target was The Forgotten but she became part of its ShadowNet.


6) Sophia  Russo – Gradient 8.5 J-Psy (Justice).  A telepath able to retrieve memories from the mind of others and to project it to another person, she dispenses her own brand of justice to the worst criminals.  She’s one of the few who can bend or alter the memories she harvest but her mind is too deeply ingrained in the PsyNet to survive separation.  One of the rare people completely trusted by Councilor Nikita Duncan.

Sienna Lauren

7) Sienna Lauren – Sole Cardinal X-Psy ever born.  She’s a strong telepath and has lethal mental combat abilities.  She has massive but highly unstable powers – a build up of energy that leads to the deadly and uncontrollable “Cold Fire”, one of the most dangerous and powerful Psy abilities ever.  Tortured and trained as a child to be the perfect weapon, she was fully silent by age 9.  She defected from the PsyNet after being targeted for rehabilitation.


8) Kaleb Krychek – A very rare telekinetic and telephatic dual Cardinal.  His power is so far off the scale that the Gradient Measuring System is rendered meaningless.  He has the uncommon ability to teleport to people and not just places and commands both the NetMind and the DarkMind.  He is trained in lethal combat, able to induce madness and attack without detection.  Cold, merciless, and completely silent, he has little conscience of his own, but relies on a Kyriakus to be his moral compass.


9) Sahara Kyriakus – A member of the NightStar PsyClan, officially she has the ability of Backsight – to see events of the past and project those images to the minds of others.  She has very high gradient abilities so rare they don’t even have a designation.  She’s able to almost instantly pick up any language and speak it fluently.  She’s the only individual in the PsyNet with the ability to access and control the minds and memories of any number of people at will and also the power to leave someone a living shell with no past and no future but not without a cost to herself.

Note:  Though they are  information found throughout the series, a special thanks and credit goes to the Wicked Scribes for many of the words that I’ve used for each character’s description  are taken from her Psy-Changeling Character Guide.  And for all the owners of the images above (which I have altered), thank you!


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