Obssessed with The Others

So here’s the truth.  When I first read the blurb for the first book of the series Written in Red I was like, okay this is a typical shifter/fantasy novel.  There is little in it to convince me to start reading it.  But the comments at goodreads were really good and it has a high rating so I thought, maybe there’s something here hmm… why not give it a try?  And I’m so glad I did because I have discovered a gem or as my blog happily declares-a tome treat!  A treat that I’ve become obssessed with.

Here is a list of reasons why:

The Plot and Worldbuilding… is unlike anything I’ve ever read.  So original that most of the Earth was inhabited by Terra Indigene, creatures that were neither human nor animal.  They learned to adapt and to absorb the most lethal traits and forms of other predators.  They were the Others.  Predators so cunning and ferocious they were what caused the dinosaurs’ extinction.  Then there’s the Cassandra Sangue or the Blood Prophets.  Women who divined prophesy when their skin were cut.  And this is also a world were Humans were just considered ‘clever meat’.  It revolves around an unlikely friendship between a blood prophet and one terra indigene wolf.  A friendship that just might save the humans from total annihilation.

Fantastic Secondary Characters.  Okay to name just a few, there were the Crows who were both superb spies and gossips and just loved their ‘shinies’.  The mysterious and lethal Sanguinaties or as the humans call them-vampires.  The spiritual guide Henry who happens to be a terra indigene bear and also a sculptor.  Tess, whose true indigene form when looked upon equals death.  The Elementals and their steeds who practically controls the elements and seasons.  The human police that were making the effort to work with or assist the Others.  The Fluffballs or the human pack that made up of Megs friends.

The Humor.  This series was unexpectedly funny.  From the Others imitation of human traits and their understanding of human personalities to female intervention or girl talk.  And then there’s also the concept of using the human pack as some kind of  ‘tourist attraction’ aiming to help the Others to practice being human.

Friendship/Romance.  From book one to four, there were no sex between the main protagnists, which was a refreshing change.  Theirs was a pure and deep friendship that is slowly evolving into something more.

Social Awareness.  The terra indigene were enviromentalist.  They don’t like anything that harms the Earth.  As for the blood prophet, it is a unique take on the problem of self-harm.

Action… Check.

Brutality… Check.

Total Enjoyment… Check.

This series is worth reading.  I highly recommend.

Anyone else who read this series?  Please tell me what you think.


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