Eclectic Sound


You know how books allow you to experience many lives through different characters and helps you to better understand people and the world?  Well many also believed that Music can heal souls and ease heartaches.  For myself, it just makes me happy.  It calms me down when I’m mad or upset about something.  And my way of relaxing even while I’m working.  I don’t have a specific genre that I liked because  I listened to and appreciates different types of music.  It’s one of my favorite things to do.

Here is a list of songs I have in my Eclectic Playlist:

  1. Faded by Alan Walker – I loved how the music video for this song is so stark and yet dramatic.  And the singer’s voice is just haunting and beautiful.
  2. Not Today by Imagine Dragons – This is part of the original motion picture soundtrack of Me Before You, a film based on a novel with the same title written by Jojo Moyes.  I am trying to finish reading it before the film is shown (But I’m kind of stuck on Youtube right now!).
  3. Forever My Father by Go Radio – This is an ode to ones Father and how sometimes, no matter how old we are, we still wish for a father’s strength and protection.
  4. Sit Still, Look Pretty by Daya – The lyrics to this song is basically me.  I don’t want to just sit still and look pretty 🙂
  5. Without You by Ashes Remain – A very beautiful song of faith and surrender to God.  What’s different about this one is that it is a rock ballad and does not sound like a Christian song at all except for when you dig deep into the meaning of the lyrics.
  6. Unbroken by Birdy – Part of  Beautiful Lies, her new album released this year.  Any song  sang by this woman is simply beautiful to my ears.  Lyrics:  “Sometimes the tears we cry are more than any heart can takeWe hurt, just keep it inside.  No wonder that it starts to break.”
  7. Mama Said by Lukas Graham – I loved how this song tells a story.  The voice and the melody, and the lyrics – they are just really good and meaningful.
  8. Missing You by All Time Low –  A song with a great message:  Don’t give up on yourself.  Don’t give up on life.
  9. Corner by Virginia Gavazzi – I just loved the tone of her voice and the style and the melody.
  10. Sad Song by We The Kings ft. Elena Coats – Lyrically beautiful and sad 😦
  11. Wild Things by Alessia Cara – It’s about not conforming, accepting oneself and embracing your own uniqueness.  Loved her vocal style.
  12. Unbreakable by Jamie Scott – This is the kind of music that should be in the radio.  I think Jamie is one of the most talented singer-songwriter there is but so underrated.
  13. Wherever I go by OneRepublic – A great sounding new single.  Fave line from the song:  “I know I could lie, but I won’t lie to you.”
  14. More Than Me by Greyson Chance – A new song that sounds like an old beautiful one.  Lyrically deep for something written by a 19 year old.
  15. Jet Black Heart by 5 Seconds of Summer – Addicted to this song at the moment.  It is dedicated to their fans, especially to those who have social anxiety, depression, who do self-harm and are victims of bullying and abuse.  Click here to read some of the stories of those who are on the music video.

Take a listen to these songs.  I promise you, they’re all good! 🙂





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