JaDine, Prison Break, & 5sos

jadine pb 5sosThis blog is called Tome Treats for the simple fact that I so loved books.  I am hopelessly addicted and devoted to them.  I lived and breathed books.  But I have not read a book in over 2 months.  That is so unusual it is practically unheard of.  However, I think these three I’m currently obsessing about are worth it.

I’m listing them here in the order that I have discovered them.


For those who doesn’t know, JaDine is the moniker for James Reid and Nadine Lustre’s Love Team.  I have never in my life been gaga over a love team, not even when I was a teenager.  And I rarely watched local movies or Filipino TV series because I don’t like clichéd, overly dramatic and non-realistic scenes.  I was first introduced to them by my brother who has a copy of their movie “Diary Ng Panget”.  I really didn’t expect much but it was surprisingly funny and I enjoyed watching it.  I’ve watched their other movies too and they really have great chemistry on screen.  But it wasn’t until last December (kind of late but what the heck, I did an episodes marathon Lol), when I’ve watched the pilot episode of “On The Wings Of Love”, their first ever TV series that I got hooked.  The story was very well written and excellently directed.  I likened it to Korean TV series, very light and funny but it also shows the struggles and the sacrifices OFWs make for their families.  I fell in love with all the characters, especially the neighbors  because they are just like real people.  And of course the “kilig” overload and the laugh-out-loud moments is such a great stress reliever for me.  I also loved that they have featured spoken poetry in the series which was bloody brilliant.


I know this American TV series have long been over but I’ve only watched the first season before and I’ve been wanting to know what happened next.  Again, my brother gave me the complete episodes of this series for which I’m so grateful (I’m re-watching season 1 to refresh my memory 🙂 ).  What I loved about it is the superb plot, the fast-paced action, the casting that was so on point because they were all insanely good actors, and of course the gorgeous and brilliant Michael Scofield.  Yes, I know Wentworth Miller have confirmed he’s gay but I don’t really care.  His portrayal is so good even my assistant is gaga over him.  And the good news is, I have just found out there will be a season 5.


The first song I’ve seen them performed in Youtube is the acoustic version of their song  Amnesia and I discovered it quite by accident really.  I was watching a fan-made-video of Jadine and I liked the song that was used in the video so I searched for it.  It was “Steal My Girl” and I didn’t even know it was a song by One Direction (until a few months ago, I rarely watch Youtube or any TV shows for that matter).  And then 1D led me to 5sos as their legion of fans call them.  My first impression of “Amnesia” was that it sounded great and that the band have sung it beautifully.  But what stuck with me the most is the way the band members have interacted with each other, the way they teased each other even while performing.  That was the first time I’ve seen anything like that in a live singing performance.  I could see that they genuinely enjoyed doing what they were doing and it was so entertaining to watch.  And then of course, I started listening to more of their music and watching more of their videos, and discovered that they sounded great  even more so live and that they’ve written their own songs (I really loved singers that are song writers too as you will see if you read my “about” page).  For a month now, listening to the boys’ brand of music  has been one of the tools I used to de-stressed myself from a long workday.


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