Blood Destiny

Blood DestinyI started writing this with the idea of just posting images of what I thought the Silivasi men would looked like.  But I couldn’t do it!  So here I am slavering to produce an actual review 🙂 of the first book in the Blood Curse Series by Tessa Dawn.

I have in recent years been fascinated with the paranormal and fantasy genre (it all started with Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings 😊 ).  But it’s been awhile since I’ve read a well written novel about vampires.  And Blood Destiny is definitely not for the faint of heart.  It is dark and edgy, intense and quite disturbing.  I have never been more terrified – in my entire reading history lol – than in that few moments where the heroine was in that cave witnessing such a horrific scene.  I’ve really felt her shock and deep fear.

Okay I won’t go into details about the story because that would be in bad form and a major spoiler.  So what I would do instead is list here the reasons why you should give this novel a go.

The Mythos – The origin of how vampires came to be in this book is original and fresh.  I mean everything I’ve ever read about vampires doesn’t apply here.  To give you a quick overview, vampires here were divided into two factions, the sons of Jadon (beings of both light and darkness) and the sons of Jaeger (the Evil Ones). Prince Jadon and Prince Jaeger were the original twins descended from celestial beings who were cursed by the spirit of the sacrificed females of their specie to be vampires.

The Vampires –  They are LETHAL and very territorial!  Even the good ones are brutal in protecting their House and those who served them.  As one reviewer have said, “animalistic violence”.  No sugar-coating in this one. They are seriously powerful beings descended from the gods and been made even more so by the curse.  They are immortals that can literally control the elements by their emotions.

The Characters – They were really fleshed out and as individual as real people.  And the POVs were really good and at times very disturbing.

The Battles – They were EPIC and bloody as hell.  No-holds-barred action.

The Humor – One moment you’re fearing for the life of one character and then smiling silly or outright laughing on the next.

The Silivasi Brothers – I liked the fact that they were not all warriors, that there’s also a healer and a wizard and that it takes 400 years of intense education and more training after to be called a Master of one discipline.  I also liked that they were a close family and extremely protective of each other as brothers should be.  And they are all gorgeous of course!

The Romance – What I loved here is that even though they were fated as the celestial sky have  decreed, our heroine Jocelyn, doesn’t easily fall for our hero Nathaniel.  I also loved the way Nathaniel treated her, like someone truly precious and loved.  Some readers may find some of their interactions a bit cheesy, but for me they are the most romantic I’ve ever read so far.

That’s it folks.  I hope this helps convince you to read the book.  ENJOY!


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