It’s been awhile since my last post. You see last November 28 I have caught OJD (Obsessive JADINE Disorder) lol and the fever has basically taken over all of my free time as evidenced by the title of this post.

Randomantic (a combination of the words random and romantic) is a song by James Reid that talks about the simple random things a guy will do to express his love. This morning I remembered a scene from Blood Destiny written by Tessa Dawn, which I have read last year. For me the scene is one the most–if not the most romantic literary moment I have ever read in my entire reading history and that’s saying a lot. It’s quite unusual though, due mainly to the fact that the novel is one of the rare few that have elicited a true shiver of terror from me.

Anyway, I just wanted to share it so here it goes…

“Do you know what I want more than anything, angel?”

Her lips began to tremble ever so slightly, and he removed his hand from her face. “What?”

“To make you unbearably happy one day; to take all the sadness from your eyes and spend the rest of my life earning your trust.”

Jocelyn’s eyes grew wide, and she quickly turned away, staring once again out at the endless canyons.

Nathaniel slid into the booth behind her then and carefully slipped his arms around her waist. He braced himself for her rigid response–half expecting her to physically push him away–but when she simply froze, like an uncertain deer, he poured as much warmth and reassurance into his touch as he could. And then gently–oh-so-carefully–he rested his chin against her silky hair and simply stared out the window with her, allowing the silence to embrace them both.

After a pregnant moment, her tension began to ease, and to his surprise she leaned back against him. It was hardly a full embrace–a far cry from a glowing endorsement–but he would take it. When her hand came up to absently rest on his forearm, Nathaniel shut his eyes and held his breath. He didn’t dare challenge the moment with words.


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