“Your soul calls out. Mine answers, beloved.”

A glimpse into some of the most memorable quotes from the Tairen Soul Series written by C. L. Wilson.

“Ver reisa ku’chae. Kem surah, shei’tani. Ver reisa ku'chae. Kem surah, shei'tani

(Your soul calls out.  Mine

answers, beloved.)”
Lord of the Fading Lands

“My heart has followed where my soul has led.  Ke vo san, Ellysetta.  I love you.”

Lady of Light and Shadows

“Love should never be used as a weapon.”

Lady of Light and Shadows

“Live well.
Love deep.
Tomorrow, we die.”
King of Sword and Sky

“Not all battles can be won. Not all lives can be saved.  And no matter how we wish it, not all songs end in joy.”
Queen of Song and Souls

“Ten thousand swords before you,
ten thousand daggers drawn.
Ten thousand lives defend you,
ten thousand warriors strong
Our blood will spill ten thousand times
In hope, ten thousand sigh
For love we face ten thousand deaths
With joy, ten thousand die
Ten thousand Fey before you,
ten thousand fierce and tall,
Ten thousand souls protect you,
beloved of us all.”

~Ten Thousand Swords, a Fey Warrior’s Song

“That was the strength of Ellysetta’s weave.  Bright, unyielding, indefatigable love. Love that did not know surrender. Love that did not understand limitations or even basic self-preservation.  Love that would batter itself to death before giving in to defeat.”

King of Sword and Sky

“Honor is what make us worthy of love…”

Queen of Song and Souls

“Kindness is never a mistake.”

Lady of Light and Shadows

“Approaching the line is the first victory of battle, shei’tani.  Learn to celebrate your small braveries.  They light the way to greater courage.”

Lady of Light and Shadows

“But the Dark cannot claim what Light does not surrender.”
Crown of Crystal Flame

“I am the steel no enemy can shatter.
I am the magic no dark power can defeat.
I am the rock upon which evil breaks like waves.
I am Fey,warrior of honor, champion of Light.”

~The Warrior’s Creed

“Battered and bruised but still fighting for dominance his was not the selfish petty pride that made bullies of lesser men but rather the quiet determined dignity that turned men into heroes and made heroes crawl back to their feet from the bitter dust of defeat and stand tall once more.”
Lord of the Fading Lands

“Wanting love is not selfish, Rain. We’re all born missing the connections that make us complete.”
Lady of Light and Shadows

“I live
I fight
I bleed
I die
For love.
I am Fey”

~I am Fey, a warrior’s poem by Evanaris vel Bahr

“A woman did not feel jealousy if her emotions were not engaged. And a wise man did not let it fester.”
― C.L. Wilson

“Do you know how a pearl comes to be?”
“Oysters make them, from a bit of sand.”
“Aiyah. From a bit of sand.” He rolled the pearl between his fingers. “All pearls begin as something unpleasant that the oysters cannot expel from themselves, even though they may want to. So they embrace these things that will not leave them, shaping them and smoothing away the sharp edges, until over time, they make of these unwanted things great treasures.”
Lady of Light and Shadows

“My friends… today, we are not Fey, Celierian, or dahl’reisen, but brothers, united and strong, each of us honorable and worthy warriors of Light. We are the steel no enemy can shatter. We are the magic no Dark power can defeat. We are the rock upon which evil breaks like waves. We are warriors of honor, champions of Light.”
Crown of Crystal Flame

“Do you love me, Rain?”
“More than I knew it was possible to love. All the stars will fall from the heavens before I ever stop.”
― C.L. Wilson

“You think because you face situations not of your making that you exercise no choice? That you are helpless? To the contrary, child. Your whole life has been full of choices. Hiding from a hard truth is a choice. Surrender – even to the inevitable – is a choice. Even in death there is a choice. You may have no control over the time or manner of your death, but you can choose how you face it.”
Queen of Song and Souls

“Every journey starts with the first step, and the first step down the Dark path is choosing self over sacrifice.”
King of Sword and Sky

“Hope was a fragile flicker that he wanted to cup with both hands to protect against the harsh winds of reality.”
Lord of the Fading Lands

“You but winnowed out those who have made their pride a funeral shroud.” Jaren met Rain’s eyes. “Our world has changed, Feyreisen. I have watched great Fey cities die, seen our forests fade back into desert, and listened to my shei’tani weep for the children her womb will not bear. It seems to me when the ways of the past lead only to death, then change is the only hope for life.”
King of Sword and Sky

“Rain watched as his five best warriors squeezed into the tiny parlor, picked their way through the jungle of wedding gifts as if tiptoeing through a nest of Drogan sand vipers, and settled down with stone-faced stoicism to proceed with the humiliating un-warrior-like task of opening presents….

Five lethal glances speared him. For the first time in a thousand years, Rain Tairen Soul threw back his head and laughed.”
Lord of the Fading Lands

“Ellysetta Baristani.” Belliard’s voice caused her to stop and turn back around. “Even should you clothe yourself in rags and dirt, you would bring honor to the Fey.”
Lord of the Fading Lands

“He must prove himself strong enough to protect her, gentle enough to win her heart, and worthy of the great gift of her love and her unconditional trust. She must find the courage to embrace the darkest shadows of his soul, and the even greater courage to bare the shadows of her own soul to him. When all barriers are sundered, all secrets revealed and accepted, she can complete the bond; and they will no longer be two separate people, but rather one person, one soul, complete for eternity, stronger together than either could ever be apart.”
Lord of the Fading Lands

“If honor were reserved only for those who never err, none of us would be worthy,” Rain answered.”
Lady of Light and Shadows

“…”His sigh spoke of fear and regret mingled with grim acceptance. ‘Teach her,’ he said. ‘Teach her to fight. Teach her to defend herself, and teach her to kill. The five of you must be her chatoks in the Dance of Knives. Teach her as you have taught no other. Give her everything. Hold nothing back.’

‘Rain…’ Bel murmured, his eyes troubled.

Rain waved off his unspoken objection. ‘ She is a Tairen Soul, and we Tairen Souls were born for war. I may not like this path the gods have set before her, but Farsight is right. I must do everything in my power to ensure she is prepared to walk it’…”
Queen of Song and Souls

“Death offers us hope, at least. Not for this life, but for another.”
Queen of Song and Souls

“The Fey did nothing in half measures. That intensity of emotion was part of their appeal. It made them the fiercest warriors, the staunchest allies, the most passionate lovers. The most devoted mates.”
Crown of Crystal Flame

“And though I will never forgive myself for what I did, every day when the doubts creep in, I remind myself that the gods made me for their own purpose. That no matter how seemingly dark and terrible that purpose was, they trusted me to fulfill it. And I remind myself every day, that somehow, I must have proven myself worthy in their eyes because they sent me you, my soul’s mate and the beacon that drew me back from Shadow.”
Crown of Crystal Flame

“Let love, not fear, be your guide.”
Crown of Crystal Flame


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