Tairen Soul

This is my review for the whole Tairen Soul series.

To say these books are fantastic is an understatement.  And my rating goes beyond the 5 stars that is the maximum here.

I likened the story of Rain and Ellie to a fairy tale but a fairy tale that is dark and epic in scale.  Beautifully written prose, a really great plot with lots of twists and turns, edge-of-your-seat action, well thought-out characters that you will love and dread, magic that is so palpable to be almost real.

I have read a lot of books, but it’s a rare one much less five that could wring such multitude of reactions from me.  I have cried in the wee hours of the morning, laughed with joy when they’ve triumphed over something, talked so loudly to motivate characters to move as if they are real and could hear me, and squeezed my e-reader so tightly I’m surprised I haven’t ruined it.  That is how great this series is.

Some parts are slow but they need to be because that is life.  There are days when all that happens is the mundane, the ordinary.  And then there will come days that’s like BOOOMM!

Highly recommended!

Tairen Soul Series by C. L. Wilson reading order:

Lord of the Fading Lands

Lady of Light and Shadows

King of Sword and Sky

Queen of Song and Souls

Crown of Crystal Flame


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