The Lord of The Rings


I’ve seen the movies.  And they were such a fantastic cinematic masterpieces that I am still in awe even after so many years since I first saw The Fellowship of the Ring on HBO.  It was what led me to read the books.  And I have these to say, “Thank you Father God for gifting Mr. Tolkien the talent, imagination and sheer genius to write and create Middle Earth.”

There are a lot of books with good stories but let me tell you all the Reasons Why I so Love this trilogy.

First-rate world building

The world Tolkien has created are peopled not only with regular people but with extraordinary beings and fantastical creatures (Elves, Hobbits, Ents, Dwarves, Wizards & Orcs) and was set in diverse landscapes, from harsh and unforgiving to glimpses of unimaginable beauty.  The backstory of stories often has backstory themselves that creates a sense of history.  The invented languages also add to that effect as well as helping to differentiate the races and cultures in the story.

Boring it is not

When I first started reading LOTR, it was I admit very difficult as it is written differently from what I was used to.  But once you get past that, the story is highly entertaining and soon I was turning pages and wholly captivated by it.  I read some people said that it was long and boring but I think the very descriptive way it was written enables the reader to fully imagine Middle Earth and the characters that inhabited it.

Has moral values

This trilogy ran the gamut of moral values.  Loyalty, integrity, bravery, respect, generosity and kindness to name just a few.  They also put emphasis on the importance of true friendship and love.  In the whole trilogy, there is a pervading sense of Goodness that you can actually feel and that is a rare thing.

Magic but with no magic

What I really liked about the whole novel was that there was no overt display of magic, which was unexpected with elves and wizards as characters.  The magic is there, however, it is not seen but rather it was a pulsing power.  I think that, more than anything else, is what makes LOTR great.

An epic quest

A perilous quest to save Middle Earth.  Near death encounters with evil creatures of the deep.  Dangerous adventure after dangerous adventure.  And certain doom (almost).  What’s not to love?!

The Lord of the Rings is a must read.  So far, this is the only epic fantasy novel I have finished reading in full.


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