Guild Hunter Series Characters

You know how it is when you are reading and you start to imagine what the characters would looked like if they were real?  Well I searched and searched for the right photos to give justice to the characters of my most fave series, the Guild Hunter by Nalini Singh.  This is how I pictured them in my mind.

  1. Elena DeverauxElena Deveraux - Raphael's Heart
  2. Archangel RaphaelArchangel Raphael
  3. DmitriDmitri - Archangel's Blade
  4. IliumI
  5. VenomVenom
  6. GalenGalen - Raphael's Weapons Master
  7. Jason Jason
  8. NaasirNaasir - Archangel's Enigma
  9. AodhanAodhan1
  10. HonorHonor
  11. Princess MahiyaPrincess Mahiya
  12. RansomRansom
  13. Archangel MichaelaArchangel Michaela

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